People Must Understand Some Considerations In New Condo Unit Purchases

Which is better, buy a new condo unit or a used condo unit? Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In general, a new condo unit from a developer has the advantages of a relatively new building, more convenient public access, and access to security is usually also given more attention because it is generally in the form of a closed cluster. However, the price of such a secured condo can be quite expensive, so we recommend you to check out the Verticus condo price.

However, there are some things that must be considered in the selection of new condominiums, such as:

Developer track record

Many housing projects are abandoned because the developer is not responsible for the completion of the construction project. Look at the developer and its track record, especially at this time developers tend to “sell pictures” before there is development first. That’s why you also need to worry about suspicious prices, so we recommend you to check the realistic Verticus condo price.

Letters of ownership

Generally, the certificate has not been broken down and is still a single entity on behalf of the developer. Therefore, make sure that there are no legal cases on the land, including the land that does not involve debts or collateral to third parties. We also recommend you to buy the Verticus condo unit because it’s built on a conflict-free plot of land.

Used condo unit

For this type of condo unit, certificates and legality are generally relatively safer, but in general, the disadvantages of used condo units are the age of the building is relatively older, and you need additional costs of renovation to be inhabited, and the environment is not as comfortable as a new condominium.


Whatever choice of a condo unit you want to buy, it always involves the bank in the process. Use a mortgage even though the loan is small. Why? It would be safer, especially in terms of legality because the banks must of course and have the competence to examine all the documents guaranteed in their place.

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